Website Draft 3

This is how much I have done so far, there are a few details I need to change e.g. the photos of my cast, add to my gallery, change the video that it plays.


Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.35.12.png



Website adjustments

My last draft was shown to have bad images and missing a gallery with test shots and location shots while filming. I have started to improve it by changing the photos adding a gallery and changing the design of my website to make it look more sophisticated and focus on what my improvements where from my class mates.

To further my website I added in a cast page of who is in the music video and their roles.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.10.02.png


Digi pak research

After getting feedback for my digi pak latest draft, I decided to focus on what the artists of my music base their albums on. I found a lot of the albums having a scenic front cover with their logo on top of it. The back of the cover is a picture of the band and the lyrics in a scribbled font placed at the bottom.

600x600.jpgamerican_authors back.jpg

So for my digi pak I am going to re create a similar product to the American Authors as that is my band that the song is from. I have found a similar font to use for the back cover and I am using an all caps font for the front cover. I haven’t yet added the record label or barcode but that is my next step. digi.jpg

Before adding the label I need to take more photos and do more shoots.

Improving my Music Video

When I first created my music video, the filming was very shaky and when I edited it together I didn’t take as much time as I would have wanted. Therefore, it wasn’t very good or up to standards for a music video. However, it was just to show what it would be like. I was missing a few shots that I didn’t get and the program I used to edit it left black borders around the video after making it into a video. This was not the plan so I changed it when I re-edited and finished filming what I needed.


After getting feedback and the rest of my filming I decided to completely re edit it on a different platform. I first used premiere, but after a few problems it created, I switched to iMovie. On this platform I could stabilise some of the shots and add transitions at the end and beginning. I also finished the filming I needed to do and added them to the parts by following my script and animatic. I then added effects on the shots to make them all look the same and professional. This was not my final video as I had one more edit to do due to the stabilisation going wrong on one shot.


For my final draft I edited my final shot so it wasn’t moving around the screen as much. Every shot is from the view of a ‘friend’ who is always with them but never seen. This was a technique I wanted to use, point of view, to allow the audience to feel like they were there with the actors and where living the experience having fun with their friends playing football, walking around London and generally having a good time.