Animatic for my music video

I have also created an animatic for my music video so I can view my music video idea and understand how it will be laid out and how to film it.


Test shots

I went out on tuesday 26th of September to get some test shots of the locations I will be using in my music video this involved going to a lot of different locations around my area and a bit further out to get the right theme I wanted to portray for my audience in my music video.

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This is my first lot of test shots of a potential location and certain shot types. I quite like the remoteness of the setting as it has potential for shooting an indie genre music video with high key lighting and low key lighting depending on what part the music video is at. Along with this I am going to take shots of a city scene and possibly a beach scene. Depending on the weather and the sunlight will depend on the use of this location.

This is Burnham Beaches in Stoke Poges. I took a friend along with me so i can get some examples of the shots I would like to take. As this is only the firsts of test shots I haven’t used a light to get the certain look I would like except for the ones on the road. This will be redone in a few days when I am more prepared and have more time.


The same evening I went out and too another load of test shots in a similar scene of a woods setting and fields. All I want to do at the moment is get a few rough ideas on where to locate my shoots.

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These photos were taken near where my grandparents life in Denham. I went with Serena one of my classmates who also does media. She is going to be helping out when it comes to filming and editing as a look over to see if they are good quality and how I need to improve. This setting is similar to the first one as both are woody areas and have different places leading from paths and little streams. I like the contrast of hidden paths to an open area.

Target Audience Research – Survey

For my first research post I decided to get a survey from 85 people to see what their opinions would be on an indie genre music video. Some of the questions included what type of video it should be; narrative, performance or conceptual, and ways in which I can make it conventional to the genre. Here are my questions, the responses and my analysis overall on what people have said.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.44.34

Question 1) For my first question I used a very generic question and asked my audience what their gender is. When it comes to my mis video, I would like to be targeting both genders equally as it won’t be gender biased. Luckily my responses from the survey of who have taken time to respond was almost exactly half with 42 girls and 43 boys. This helps a remarkable amount as I won’t have to think about a specific theme for boys or girls.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.45.09

Question 2) Once again I went with a general question being how old is my audience. The majority was 15-19 which is exactly the audience I will be targeting with my music video and the type of people I expect to watch and enjoy the music video as well as the music. In order to meet the needs of this specific audience I will be shooting and filming with certain locations and certain times of the day to compliment the music.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.45.30

Question 3) The three types of music videos are Performance, Narrative and Conceptual. For my music video I want to do a narrative music video. I’m not keen on the idea of conceptual, but for my idea I will be basing it mainly on a narrative video and combining performance into it. As from my survey there is more of a response for performance, therefore I am going to go against stereotypical conventions and include the audiences preferred last of a music video and create a more interesting video for them to watch and enjoy as well.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.45.41

Question 4) In this question I gave options to what music video the audience preferred. I like the idea in all of them and will be getting influence from certain parts of them, wether being location, story lines or effects on the videos. Most responses have been for Charlie Puth’s song ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’. This has helped me out as I didn’t know wether i wanted to use certain themes, but knowing this is what my audience would prefer it makes it easier to decide.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.45.51

Question 5) I would like to do a story for my video which is what the audience over all prefer. The band performing is very close behind, but due to not knowing them that is impossible. However, I am going to use some actors to be the band in my video.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.46.44

Question 6) There were 71 responses for my final question which is the only open question. Here are a few responses giving a similar idea for each. Most of the audience are saying to have high key lighting, to create a happy video, good vibes and create a different atmosphere to the other typical indie genre music videos.

Summary of initial research

I analysed 10 music videos, 10 digipaks and 10 websites. For my final product of A2 I am going to create a music video, therefore these analysis will help with my ancillary texts and the video.

First of all, from music videos I have learnt that in my Indie genre there are high key lighting and a mixture of narrative videos and performance videos. Furthermore, the music is chilled and mellow similar to my song I have chosen. For my video I shall be following general conventions with the use of high key lighting, narrative structure and different types of shots including the use of a GoPro.

From the digipak analysis I have decided to go against stereotypical conventions and create an album cover similar to Coldplays with only the album name on the front and the artist name on the side of the album. The colours will match and compliment the music video.

For my website I am going to follow general conventions of stereotypes and keep the basic navigation bar. For what I have researched I have noticed all artists have a unique style of writing, therefore I am going to try and match American Authors text as much as I can.

Website 10 – Gorillaz

Website – Gorillaz

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.33.41.png

When you open Gorillaz website the home page is the video of their most recent song at the time. At the moment it is Demon Dayz, but a while ago it was Saturnz Barz. There is a pop up window of the option to buy the album or watch the recent music video, which is playing in the background. A navigation bar is at the top following general conventions leading to other pages of the website including news, tour dates the store and how to sign up. Further along on the right hand side of the navigation bar are ways to follow the band through social media similar to other website. The terms and privacy of the website are located at the bottom of the page in the centre for the audiences information. The writing is all white with a generic font on a black background. Nothing else is featured on the home page.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 14.52.42.png

When the audience clicks on to the separate pages all the tour dates and news will be located on a different page o the website with the same white font text on a black background keeping to the same theme, plain and simple contrasting with Gorillaz type of music. The store button leads to an entirely different scene and website as the background is white with different text and font to ad some differentiation to the site and the sign up creates a pop up screen to give your details.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 14.54.28.png

Unlike any other website I have analysed, Gorillaz has a drop down bar at the end of the navigation bar portraying all of their music videos that the viewers can click on to watch through the background of the homepage making it easier for the audience to watch their music videos and get an understanding of the music genre they fit into.

Digipak 10 – Michael Jackson


The ‘This Is It’ album was released after the death of Michael Jackson, it included the two CD’s of the final creations of this artist and a book including images and information about the making of the songs and the videos.

The front cover is based on the artist himself as there is a dancing silhouette of Jackson in a noticeable and recognisable pose to the audience. His body image is filled with images from the film which was released at the same time as the album. The title is above the pose, implying that ‘this is it’ for Michael Jackson. This album is very different to the rest of Michael Jackson’s albums which have different fonts, colour scheme is generally colourful and the same styled image is on the front of the album. However, due to this album being his final it has made a statement in his music and style, the producers wanted to create something slightly different to remember Jackson.Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 16.28.51.png

Inside the digipak is a few pages of images and two CD’s. The black CD is for the music keeping the grey theme. The gold CD is conveyed as a bonus CD or clips from the creating of the music. The colour gold connotes royalty and wealth connoting the importance of that CD and the content of it. The CD’s both have iconic poses from Michael Jackson’s dancing continuing the important of the artist. In the digipak there is an extra feature of numerous images and the lyrics form the songs placed in-between a few pages of the photos of the film and performances. What I like about this digipak is that there isn’t an image of the artist but a silhouette. The idea behind this is portraying Jackson has lived and this is how we remember him, he no longer has real photos of him on albums as he is no longer here.

Analysis 10 – Pompeii

Pomeii is a song written and performed by Bastille. He is known for his indie genre music style and is one of my main influences of music videos and the type of music he creates.

The video opens with a zoom in low angle of what is presumed to be Bastille. This cuts within 10 seconds to a over the shoulder medium shot behind Bastille looking out onto a city view. The song title and artist name appears on the screen. The camera movies slightly closer to him and cuts to a medium shot of the artist still in the same established location. The video cuts to a night time shot with low key lighting and change in focus from the city to Bastille. Shot reverse shot of the artist looking out the window, to a wide angle of the setting returning to the first shot. The camera follows Bastille picking up a jacket and walking towards the stairs, were the camera cuts again to the wide angle. A wide angle is kept as the artist walks down flights of stairs with cuts from the camera in-between missing the whole action to speed it up. A few shots of the surrounding location are portrayed by quick snippets  from the camera before returning back too following Bastille and tracking him riding. In-between shots of him cycling are close ups of the artist singing the lyrics of the song, this continues through the whole video in the same low key location each time. The music video is conceptual with no meaning behind it. The story is focused on more as the video continues with shots of medium close ups of people with black eyes. Bastille is portrayed as scared and distressed through the quick camera movements and short shots. Coming to the end of the music video the shots of the artist singing have changed setting as the video caught up with the lyrics. Longer shots are used to connote the distance between him and the city. The video ends with a close up of his face and black eyes.

The video opens with the wind in the background of the shot as it hasn’t been taken out of the video. As the music comes in it creates a sound bridge for a split second and then drowns out the background noice. Within 15 seconds of the video starting bastille begins to sing. Through the opening of the song and chorus there are background voices singing ‘ayo’ repeatedly in harmony. The same instrumental is kept throughout the song apart from the bridge. Harmonies are more frequent as the song progresses. The bridge has a basic piano beat and harmonies in the background while Bastille is singing. As it increases in beat the drums get included and it returns to normal for the chorus. Bastille lengthens out his notes and sings a tone higher for the final chorus to convey to the audience its finished.

The video has been set in a city scene being fairly in populated implying there is something that is making everyone disappear. This is implied again as the people Bastille finds have black eyes and he becomes scared connoted by his actions, body language and facial expressions.

Website 9 – Eminem

Website – Eminem

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 10.17.09.png

The website home page is laid out with the merchandise being eye line with the viewers so they can recognise the brand and the songs each item links to as they have different themes and fonts. The top of the page is a navigation bar for other pages including shop, email, sign up to the website, video, events, lyrics and social media pages. Eminem has a logo for his name which is present in the top left hand corner. It is a stencil typed font in a white stripped design contrasting the background which is black to make it stand out. The other images from the homepage includes an image from his recent video and a recording of his speech. As you scroll down the website, there are more links to pages for the news on him and his music, merchandise and music. At the bottom of the page the production teams, record label, email sign up, rights reserved and privacy policy’s are placed left, right and centre in order to advertise the making and keep it secure.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 15.26.21.png

The navigation bar leads to different pages on the site, except the shop and email sign up. The shop button leads to a different site and the email button leads to a pop up window instead of creating hassle to sing up. All pages have the same theme running through them, black background, white text and the same font. Red writing is also used for the title of the page to allow the audience to track and understand what page they are on. Black and white is a main theme running through the website and everything is black and white dis including the shop items and album covers.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 15.27.54.png

General conventions are followed, as there are links and photos om the homepage as well as a navigation bar and social media pages that link to Eminem’s other sites for more information about the artist himself, his music and the making of his videos, shows etc.