First draft of music video

This is my first draft for my music video. It gives a clear understanding of how it will be set out, however, it is missing a couple of shots I need to shoot. I will be revising the location to retake some of the shots to improve quality and to edit them over all.


Theorists I have studied


Magritte studied the ‘Treachery of Images’ and represented ‘This is not a Pipe’ through by underpinning the principle of representation. He believes all media is representation and all media is a copy. Representation is mediation, it is how media is constructed. This is through three stages; framing, selection and structure.


Strinati suggests we live in a media saturated society. Everything is run by the media, what we believe what we see, what is real and what is important. This is through postmodernism. ‘Media reality is the new reality’- all texts have a degree of surface reality within the media.


Hyperreality is Baudrillard’s forte through the use of simulations, simulacra and signs. He believes the media is beginning to control people. Media offers a simulated view of the world wherein the simulation and the real are synonymous with one another, Baudrillard refers to this as the ‘state of hyperreality’. He is a post modernist who started with an interest in signs and text. ‘Life is defined by media we engage with and text we consume’.


Lyotard believes media either challenges or supports grand narratives. Grand narratives is a story about a story, encompassing and explaining other ‘little stories’ within totalizing schemes.


Society becomes superficial, dominated by spectacle.’Jameson characterises postmodern society with four elements. 1) Superficiality and lack of depth 2) the wanting of emotions or affect 3) a loss of historicity 4) new technologies. A consequence of this is that people are unable to make sense of an increasingly complex society.’


Music video influences

I have two main music video influences for my music video due to the filming, shots and way it has been filmed. The first one is Charlie Puth’s ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’.

The main thing I liked from We Don’t Talk Anymore was the split screen idea to show two sides of the story. When it comes to editing I will be exploring this type of music video.

The second is One Direction’s ‘One Thing’

One Thing has influence my music video because of the candid shots it uses and the videoing style with the band well knowing the camera is there as if it is a person in front of them. There are a few videos from the group that follow this style of music video, generally under the narrative genre.