Bastille -Website

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 10.13.02.png

The home page of the website advertises the new song ‘Glory’. This is conventional as most music websites advertise new singles or albums on the home page. The shot is a close up of a girl dancing with a worn denim jacket and a pink bob taken from the music video. At the top of the page there are leads into social medias for the band and music platforms where the audience can find out what songs they have and music they have produced. Once again this is obeying classic conventions of having buttons to connect to other sites. At the bottom of the page are other pages that can be accessed through the home page including merchandise and music from the band. Furthermore, conditions and privacy for the band and record label are displayed in the bottom corner as the producer has to make it visible. An arrow on the main screen leads to a second image of the new album release ‘Wild World’. The photo is a medium long shot of two of band members presumed to be sitting on a building over looking a city. The producers and directors specifically chose a setting like this to link with the title of the album being wild world, this is bastilles view of their world. There are leads to other pages for the audience to make it easier to buy the album.Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.24.41.png

The next page of the website is dates and locations for live performances of the band. This includes dates ranging through the whole of 2017 and the places they will be held at. The colour scheme is black and white with borders at the top and bottom to make it easier for the audience to read and understand the page. This makes the website successful with fans as they can find out information in an easy and quick way. Furthermore, tickets are easy to access with one click to lead fans into another site for once again a quick route to find what they want. Most websites involve techniques like this as it is conventional and proven successful to producers and directors. The same font is used throughout the website to make it easy to understand and not draw too much attention away from what its reading. The team behind the planning and designing of the website has thought carefully with images, fonts and layout for presentation to have little clutter and draw the audience in to find out more about the band.

The following two pages are purely for music and music videos. All the videos or songs featured on the page are displayed in a strip at the bottom. This goes against common conventions as no other website has a unique look upon ways to present music. This connotes a more interesting way to look through new music by the band. The background is black matching the rest and has no other feature on the page. The audience are then drawn to the music and the music only with no other distractions, this is implied to be the producers idea and meaning behind the layout of the website. Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.31.59.png

The audience can easily log in through a social media account and have their own account on the website. This can increase customer satisfaction as they will have updates on music, tickets and merchandise. Store and Merch pages just lead into different websites to reduce time and stress for the fans and the audience to find things they need easily.


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