Adele – Website

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 15.25.58.png

The front cover is an image from Wembley Stadium, June 29th, 2017 of Adele performing to her fans. Rule of thirds is applied to the photo taken as Adele is slightly off centre. Furthermore the shot is taken as a long shot to get more fans in connoting the importance the fans are to her. The idea behind this is to show the significance the fans have upon Adele herself.¬†Scrolling down the homepage will lead there audience to a paragraph written by Adele herself expressing her sorrow for having to cancel her last two shows from there tour that were meant to take place in Wembley Stadium. We as an audience are suggested that Adele is caring for her fans and the people that got her to where she is today. Further down the page are links to music videos of a few of her recent songs, another image from her tour reaching out to her fans from her car and another personal message about the song ‘Hello’ and the album 25. There is also a link to the merchandise shop online.

The three bars in the top right hand corner lead to a pop up page leading into other pages not he website. This includes; buying the recent album, live performances, merchandise, her music, photos, videos, how to join the website with an account and how to follow the different social medias. This makes it easier for the public to route their way around the website as it’s all in one place that can be easily accessed. Furthermore, it’s a bright and vibrant colour which appeals to the audience as their eyes are focused on the more delicate side of the page which is the text leading to following pages. In addition the website makes it clear when the mouse is hovering over a link as it lights up and underlines itself allowing the audience to stay clear of confusion. The font is sans serif, thin typed nice and simple text to not overload presentation.

Follow up pages from the drop down bar includes different pages of Adele’s website or further links. For example if you were to click on ‘Buy 25’ and ‘Follow’ they would lead to another drop down page with options like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, CD and Vinyl or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vevo and Youtube. The idea behind this is to allow easy access for future or current fans. Other pages like; Photos, Videos, Shop etc. lead to another page of the website itself. The only way to access the other pages are through the drop down bar, this is different to other websites and going against usual conventions as most websites have multiple ways of accessing other pages. This creates a unique effect on the website itself.

Leading to the theme of the website, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the audience with a gentle colour tone and light background images of Adele and her time performing or her merchandise. It doesn’t draw too much attention away from the information displayed just enough to take a quick glance and appreciate the aesthetics.


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